At Ferndale Community School we believe that every pupil matters. We value every pupil for what they have tried to achieve as well as for what they have achieved. We value everyone equally. We will endeavour to provide a flexible provision for all learners requiring enrichment and support in order to achieve their full potential. This provision will raise aspirations and achievement by developing:

  • Ability to learn
  • Range of knowledge
  • Core skills
  • Creativity
  • Intellectual curiosity
  • Specific talents

We believe in creating an inclusive learning community that celebrates the uniqueness of all young people. The school will promote stimulating and challenging experiences through a broad balanced curriculum that also offers quality learning activities that focus on the particular needs and talents of the young people. We are also committed to identifying and meeting the needs of these young people as early as possible in order to enable them to achieve their best.

We also recognise that MAT learners, for whom English is an additional language, are often best recognised by people who can speak to them in the language they speak at home. An appropriate questionnaire will be forwarded to all parents/carers.

Recognition will be given to the fact that MAT learners do not always have an easy passage through school – their abilities can make them vulnerable to school and home pressures and they are at risk of underachievement. It is our intention at Ferndale to provide the highest quality opportunities for our learners in a supportive, caring environment.