Attendance Matters!

As a school we are committed to improving the attendance of all our pupils to ensure that they attain the maximum benefit from their education.

Below is some key information, which you may find helpful with regard to your child’s attendance in school.

Our whole school attendance target is over 93% and above, although each child should be aiming for 100%.

Attendance Matters

93% and above

These young people will almost certainly get the best grades, leading to better prospects for the future.

85% to 92.9%

These young people are missing too much school, it will be difficult for them to achieve their full potential.

84.9% and below. 29 days or more absence a year

These young people are missing at least 6 weeks per year, it will be very difficult for them to keep up with the work and they are unlikely to achieve their full potential.

What can you do as parents/carers to support your child’s attendance in school?

  • Please stress the importance of attendance and punctuality with regard to academic achievement.
  • If your child is going to be absence please can you inform us on the morning of the absence.

Please call 01443 755337 and wait for the option to report your child’s absence.

  • Please try and book medical appointments outside of school hours if possible.
  • Avoid booking holidays during term time. As a school we do not authorise holidays.

If there are any issues regarding attendance which you would like to discuss please call the school and ask to speak with the attendance and wellbeing team.