We work with the Headteacher and staff to ensure that all the children at Ferndale Community school acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to enable them to develop as complete citizens of the future.

Who are we? We include representatives of parents and teachers together with members appointed by the Local Education Authority and we coopt members from the local and business communities.

What do we do? We agree and adopt the aims and values of the school, its policies in various areas, and appoint staff. We set and monitor the school budget, ensuring that the National Curriculum is taught and that the School Improvement Plan is kept relevant in these changing times. We ensure that all pupils, including those with special needs, play a full part in the school and are encouraged and helped to reach their full potential.

Governors List 2014 – 2015

This list is correct as of beginning of September 2014. Governors in bold italics times in office are will expire during the academic year and will either be re-elected or filled by an alternative candidate.

Name Term End
1 Mrs Heather Nicholas
2 Mr Peter Jones Sep-16
3 Mrs Judith Dobbs Nov-14
4 Ms Deborah Hanney July -18
5 Mr Roy Maddox May-16
6 Miss Amanda Maz Oct-15
7 Mrs Janet Jones Oct-14
8 Mrs Karen Knott Oct-15
9 Mr Mike Richards (LEA Governor) Oct -17
10 Cllr Annette Davies Sep-15
11 Cllr Keiron Montague Jul-17
12 Mrs Susan Parry Oct-15
13 Mr Ceri Jones Jan-18
14 Mrs Katrina Smethurst Nov-15
15 Mrs Karen Evans Dec-15
16 Mr Brett Parry Oct -17
17 Mr Mike Condon Jan-16
18 Mrs Lisa Gorringe Sept- 18
19 Mr Karl Culverhouse Sep – 17
20 Mr Simon Keeble Sep – 17