Sustainable Development

Global Learning Programme WalesEducation for sustainable Development and Global Citzenship (ESDGC) is very important to Ferndale Community School, its students and Governors. There has been an Eco-Committee for a number of year, this year it is expanding to include not only staff and students but Parents and Governors.

We already have the Eco-School ‘Silver Award’ but this coming year we are focusing on obtaining the GREEN FLAG the top award from Eco-Schools. Mr D Rogers is leading the school efforts, focusing on making links between the enviroment and the local community. Mr D Rogers is working with many different organisations working to improve the school and community.


Education for Sustainable Development and Global Citizenship (ESDGC) seeks to give learners, at all stages of education, an understanding of the impact of their choices on other people, the economy and the environment.

ESDGC aims to challenge learners to see how they can contribute to the lives of others.  It is being mainstreamed across all education sectors and embedded in a wide range of subjects.

ESDGC is built around 7 themes:

  • the natural environment
  • consumption and waste
  • climate change
  • wealth and poverty
  • identity and culture
  • choices and decisions
  • health
However, ESDGC should not be seen as an additional subject.It is more than a body of knowledge as it is about values and attitudes, understanding and skills. It is an ethos that can be embedded throughout schools, an attitude to be adopted, a value system and a way of life. ESDGC links the environment and the people who live in, and from, it. It looks at the world and the ways
that all living things relate to each other. It recognises that the world is unjust and unequal, but that it can be shaped and changed by the attitudes, values and behaviour of the people who populate it.
ESDGC encourages and supports the development of thinking skills, and helps involve and engage young people in their own learning.The challenge for Ferndale Community School is to provide opportunities for teachers and learners to consider global issues; make links between what is personal, local, national and global; engage in culturally-diverse experiences; critically evaluate their own values and attitudes; and develop skills that will enable them to challenge injustice, prejudice and discrimination. This is ESDGC: embracing it has the potential to enhance and enrich education.

Ferndale Community School is a member of the Global Learning Programme Wales.

This programme aims to embed global learning in the curriculum and the wider life of the school. It’s not simply about global learning being delivered through a single subject, the occasional assembly or theme day but rather aims to:

  • Help children and young people understand their role in a globally interdependent world and explore ways by which they can make it more just and sustainable.
  • Familiarise pupils with the concepts of interdependence, development and globalisation.
  • Stimulate critical thinking about global issues, both at a whole school and pupil level.
  • Help schools promote greater awareness of global poverty and how it can be reduced.
  • Enable teachers to explore new and alternative ways of teaching about development and sustainability in the classroom.