Unfortunately, accidents do occur in the School and within the authority of staff. If an incident occurs, generally the individual should NOT be moved, you should call for a qualified First Aider or ring reception for further assistance in obtaining a qualified member of staff. The member of staff who first deals with the incident is responsible for completing the accident book log sheet and accident form (based in reception) within 24 hours. This form must be passed to Mrs M Coburn-Hughes who will assess the incident and report to the Local Authority if necessary.

The School has no authority to issue medication. If the pupil is to ill too be in school then under the direction of the Senior Management Team the receptionist / admin support will contact home in order to arrange for the pupil to be collected by a responsible adult under the direction of the parent/guardian.

All staff are advised to be extremely careful and vigilant when dealing with any accidents in school. Documenting and evidencing an accurate record of the event is very important living within a society where litigation is becoming more prevalent.